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    About Us

    Experienced Data Consulting Firm with a demonstrated history of transforming data into information, enabling clients to make data driven decisions. Many businesses collect data, but few use their data to drive decisions. Sometimes businesses just need to see data visualized in a way that removes the 'noise', and shows trends and patterns that were not prior know. Sometimes businesses need to dig deeper and perform more advanced analytic techniques on their data to gain insight into their operations.

    We are experienced in working with data in all aspects of the data life cycle.

    ...transforming data into information used in driving data-based decisions...


    • Data Integration - Combining data from multiple sources to better analyze.
    • Data Quality - Cleansing and scrubbing data to identify and remove data anomalies.
    • Reporting & Analysis - Turning data into meaningful information.
    • Data Visualization - Building meaningful graphs and dashboards to better visualize your data.
    • SAS Programming and Adminsitration