• FAQs

  • Where is the River Region Chamber located?
    The River Region Chamber office is located at 390 Belle Terre Blvd., LaPlace, LA  70068.

    Where do I mail my application and membership check?
    The mailing address for the Chamber is 390 Belle Terre Blvd., LaPlace, LA, 70068. A credit card can also be processed over the phone.

    How do I register for an event?
    To register for an event, simply visit our calender, choose an event and follow the registration information. Or, contact the Chamber office prior to the event for additional information.

    How can I become a member of the River Region Chamber?
    Download our membership application, print a copy and submit it with your check. Or, call the Chamber Office at 985-357-9777 for more information.

    How much are Chamber dues?
    We prorate at the time of joining. Call 985-359-9777 to find out your level (based on FTE)

    What are the benefits of joining the Chamber?
    Find out why Chamber membership is a great idea for your business here.