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    L'OBSERVATEUR Staff Reports
    A new look, new categories and lots of early interest are hallmarks of the newly minted 2024 Best of River Parishes Contest, where residents from across the region can nominate their favorites and show grassroots support for the professionals and businesses that make our community such a special place to live.
    Nominations began pouring in on the first day the contest went live, with early battlegrounds set for many of the food and healthcare categories. This early phase will last until May 31, when the top four finalists from each category, or 'ballot' will be tabulated.
    From there, the action heats up, as voting for the winner and runner-up in each begins in earnest. Those who have participated in previous iterations of the Best of River Parishes will discover a whole new look and feel to this year's edition, prompted by feedback we've received from past year's contests.
    "It's really a logical extension," says Picayune Item marketing director David Singleton. "Folks are more familiar with 'Best of', and the new design facilitates a more direct approach. For example, if you want to nominate a particular restaurant for 'Best Po Boy', then you tap into the contest page on lobservateur.com and nominate that business directly."
    Local businesses can contact The L’OBSERVATEUR for promotional items such as social media-ready logos, window decals and marketing information on the contest site and in your local L'OBSERVATEUR.
    Winners of the contest will be announced in September in River Parishes Magazine. 
    The Best of River Parishes 2024 is hosted at Best of 2024 - L'Observateur | L'Observateur (lobservateur.com)