•  'Joining the Chamber of Commerce provides so many opportunities for local business to grow and network among the people they serve, especially to the youth of the area.  Through the Chamber's YEA! Program, the children of the River Parishes are given a chance to dream and accomplish extraordinary things for their future.'  -Sheree Wilson, St. Charles Community Health


    'When families and businesses move into the area, one of the first places they look for information is the local Chamber of Commerce. As a business, it pays to have a relationship with the Chamber so your services are easily located, plus you have immediate integrity for potential new business because of your association with the Chamber.' -Nicole Landreneau, Millermark Creations


    'The River Region Chamber of Commerce offers a chance to network and meet people you probably would not meet otherwise. The different variety of business members gives you a chance for greater exposure in markets other than your own., Also, the seminars and training opportunities are great work tools and are very informative.' -Gloria Trahan, First National Bank USA



    'All companies should take advantage of the education classes offered by the Chamber. These classes are informative to new or start-up firms wanting to get a jump in the River Region.' -Kent Lomax, Rainbow Chevrolet





    'Membership in a local Chamber offers numerous benefits. It brings credibility to your business, increases visibility in your community, great networking opportunities, gain a voice in government and access to members only discounts. Being a member of the River Region Chamber of Commerce has brought me numerous educational opportunities as well as lots of new leads.' - Tara Schlosser, Snap Fitness- LaPlace