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    March 07, 2019
    Contact:  Ruthie Gergeni
    (985-448-7919 • news@fletcher.edu)
    March 7, 2019
    Grant fUNDS HELP FLETCHER Continue to REDUCE
    textbook COSTs FOR STUDENTS
    Schriever, LA – Fletcher Technical Community College and teams from six other campuses from across the state recently met with the Louisiana Board of Regents to implement creative plans to reduce textbook costs to students. Through targeted grants funded by Regents, and awarded by The Louisiana Library Network (LOUIS) for course redesign and adoption of open textbooks and other Open Education Resources (OER), Regents estimates these efforts could save more than $1 million over three years for 15,000 students.  
    The campuses listed below were awarded a total of $67,500 through the LOUIS Affordable Learning Project to jump start efforts to adopt OER, which significantly lower textbook expenses for students. Below is a list of colleges/universities receiving awards, the area of concentration and the amount awarded:
    1.    Northshore Technical Community College, Microbiology, $2,500
    2.    Delgado Community College, General Biology Lab, $5,000
    3.    Fletcher Technical Community College, Psychology, $7,500
    4.    Grambling State University, Organic Chemistry I, $7,500
    5.    Grambling State University, Graduate Level Courses, $7,500
    6.    Nicholls State University, Culinary, $7,500
    7.    Northshore Technical Community College, Criminal Justice Reform, $7,500
    8.    River Parishes Community College, AS/LT Physical Science Degree, $7,500
    9.    Fletcher Technical Community College, Basic Composition, $7,500
    10. Northshore Technical Community College, Biology 1010 and 1020, $7,500
     “Fletcher is pleased to be one of the recipients of this grant opportunity,” commented Chancellor Dr. Kristine Strickland. “We recognize that the costs associated with attending college go beyond just tuition and fees and that textbooks have become a significant expense for college students. Fletcher had already begun to expand access to open educational resources for students and this grant will enable us to continue those efforts in working to achieve our goal of saving students over one half million dollars in textbook costs.”