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    About Us

    MOGAS, LLC builds relationships. We meditate. We stretch. We coach. We speak.

    MOGAS: Meditate on God/Good and Stretch the mind, body, spirit and soul through LOVE, RESPECT, AND PEACE with Jesus, self and others. Our meditation and stretching is Jesus centered and Bible based, similar to yoga, but developed for those interested in following Christ. We extend our services to aid individuals to further develop in life through MOGAS Life and Relationship Coaching and Empowerment Speaking.

    We serve both secular and non-secular organizations by bringing awareness of good (in God), in self and others. MOGAS' focus on LOVE, RESPECT, AND PEACE is ideal for those who desire self love and acceptance, mental health benefits, mind and body awareness, character development, inner peace, team building, and relationship enhancements.

    MOGAS Life and Relationship Coaching implements the John C. Maxwell coaching techniques and delivers the best practices of life coaching. Clients are encouraged to develop a spiritual practice/ relaxation and self care, aiding them in building positive relationships with themselves and strengthening interpersonal relationships with others.

    Individuals, families, churches, schools, communities and organizations are welcome.

    See you soon!

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